For students and enthusiasts of any instrument, there are few moments as valuable as an in depth and intimate session with a true professional.  Drummers in Northern California were given that very opportunity when Gregg Bissonette and Dixon put on clinics in 5 venues, from September 10th to the 14th

“Gregg’s clinic is incredibly engaging,” Says Jim Uding, Dixon Brand Manager.  “He immediately connects with the audience and gets everyone evolved with clap-a-along patterns and sing-a-long drum solos. There’s a lot to learn from Gregg Bissonette and he makes it fun.”

The Tour included clinics at Bentley’s Drum Shop in Fresno, Gelb Music in Redwood City, Ingram & Brauns of Pleasanton, Skip’s Music in Sacramento, and Bananas At Large in San Rafael.  While the clinics generally followed the same format, the individual character and clientele of each turn out would influence the show. 

“At Bentley’s with its drum shop crowd, Gregg stayed very in-depth,” Says Uding, “But at Ingram & Brauns, a lesson studio with its students and families present, Gregg was entertaining and heavy on the inspiration. We got to create a lot of great moments, and Dixon and Gregg are planning on a lot more for the future.”

St Louis Music and Dixon are planning clinics for 2015.  For details contact[email protected] or call 800-727-4512.

[Pictured: Gregg Bissonette at Gelb Music]

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