Ronnie Wood, Stewart Copeland, Dave Stewart, David Gray, Passenger and Others
Stars Create Music Video Mixes Which Anyone In The World Can Record With
Top Three Drummers Listed
New App for iPad and iPhone Simplifies Creative Collaboration

(Dublin, Ireland) May 22, 2014 – WholeWorldBand is the unique new iPad and iPhone app that allows users anywhere in the world to record music and video in a virtual studio with anyone, including their musical heroes.

Founded by award-winning music-video director and 10cc member Kevin Godley, WholeWorldBand is a new way for people around the world to make music together. Think of it as your own multi-track version of YouTube where you can record with anyone, anywhere, with an army of major recording artists, including Ronnie Wood (The Rolling Stones), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), David Gray, Passenger, and others.

Everyone from famous professionals to complete beginners can work together to create great songs and visuals using just the camera and microphone in their iOS device - and then share their Video Mixes directly to YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

So far the App’s Top three drummers are Stewart Copeland, Gil Sharone, and Drumhead’s own Jonathan Mover:

1. Stewart Copelandalt

As one third of The Police, Stewart Copeland took the template of punk and turned it into a global pop success. Following the group's split he went on to work in the worlds of film composition, TV soundtracks and opera, as well as exploring his love of world music, jazz and orchestral arrangements. Stewart's Seed track showcases his acclaimed drumming style, focusing on the groove, in addition to his trademark flourishes. A blank canvas, it offers you the opportunity to play alongside one of the world's greatest drummers.

2. Gil Sharone

"I’m hearing alta lot of roots reggae type characteristics that are happening over the drums. Heavy bass, whether someone feels a synth or a real bass, I’m down for that as long as it bumps. I would love people who are familiar with dub elements to help create that vibe, with delays on keys, on guitars, horns for sure. For all you MCs out there, people who know how to toast Jamaican-style feel free to get on top of it. I really just want to create this bridge between roots reggae, hip-hop and electronic music..." With his fresh perspective, dedication and love for the craft of drumming, Gil Sharone has played with artists including Fishbone, Dillinger Escape Plan, OTEP, Dave Wakeling, Maynard James Keenan, Chino Moreno, HR of Bad Brains and Eek-A-Mouse. Blessed with a capacity to come into any professional environment and instinctively play exactly what is needed, Sharone has gained a reputation as a veritable drumming ninja.

3. Mover

"Here you’re going to find a drum track that I just laid down for you to take and do what you would like to. It’alts what I would think of as bombastic Motown - it's got a funky back beat but a heavy kick and lots of different bits and pieces with an intro, a verse, a chorus, a little breakdown bridge in the middle of half time and an alto. Good luck and have some fun..." A session drummer of huge experience, Mover has played with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Alice Cooper, Shakira, Julian Lennon, Everlast, The Tubes, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Joe Satriani and others. Recorded in New York, his Seed track is the perfect starting point for any style of musical collaboration.

A WholeWorldBand “Seed Session” is the starting point for each “Video Mix.” Seed Sessions are music-video recordings that anyone can sing or play along to and become a music-video producer by creating a Video Mix with up to six simultaneous tracks. Alternatively, users can upload their own Seed Session and let others add to it. Anyone can contribute to WholeWorldBand, perform with music legends and friends, and share the results on social media outlets, whatever the level of their musical ability.

Crucially, WholeWorldBand has pioneered a sophisticated digital rights management system that enables artists to earn revenue for their work. WholeWorldBand sets up all of the required performance royalty contracts when you create a Seed Session or contribute to one. If you create a Seed Session, you share in the revenue generated by those contributing to your track. Or if you contribute to an existing Seed Session, and your work gets used, you get paid; and with major artists already uploading Seed Sessions, this gives everyone a chance to potentially play on a major hit record.

“According to the IFPI Digital Music Report 2014, record labels are making more money from fan-based music videos than the companies are from their official releases,” said WholeWorldBand CEO John Holland. “The current generation of video creation tools are complex and hard to use. Giving fans an easy-to-use app that allows them to create fun videos with their favourite artists effectively brings this ability into the mass market mainstream and encourages increased engagement. Several artists on WholeWorldBand want to release fan generated versions of their music, so we are creating a win-win environment for fans and artists.”

For more info, go to and download the app from the Apple iTunes App Store - it’s FREE!

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