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Reader Chopra M. sent a question to Drumhead via Ask A Pro: I bought an acoustic drum kit recently. The setup is standard but I am more comfortable in playing bass with my left foot (using a double-bass pedal extension), left-handed snare and right-handed hi-hats.

Is this appropriate or should I change the style to what maximum percentage of drummers use?

In response to his question, Jonathan Mover sent out this reply:

There is no inappropriate way to set up and/or play drums. You should approach setting up and playing in the most comfortable way you can, and with what makes the most sense for you.

Left-hand-lead drummers have the advantage of playing openhanded on a right-handed drum kit: Simon Phillips, Billy Cobham, Lenny White, Carter Beauford, etc. That being said, there are some amazing left-handed drummers playing left-handed kits:Phil Collins, Rod Morgenstein, Mark Craney.

Try taking your standard setup and reversing it, so that the hi-hat (right foot) and snare are on the right side, the floor tom on the left with the ride cymbal, and your left foot on the kick. See how it feels and take it from there.

Just go for it. The fact that your playing drums and excited about it is all that matters.

Jonathan Mover

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