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Nico Vega Drummer Dan Epand Checks In

New Album Lead To Light To Be Released June 22, 2014

Dan Epand, drummer for Los Angeles-based alternative-rock band Nico Vega who has also performed and recorded with The Police’s Andy Summers, took the time to answer questions for Drumhead about his current favorite gear, music and what he’s been working on.

Heather Smith: What is your new favorite piece of gear: 

Dan Epand: I’ve never been much to distinguish between crash and ride cymbals, I use them all for both. I love big and dark cymbals. I just got a Zildjian 20” K Constantinople Medium Thin Ride, Low. It's got so much character, and I can get a great range of dynamics and different textures from it. I also just got one of DW’s new airlift snare stands. Genius.

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HS: What’s your new favorite music in your iPod?

DE: Recently I've been playing a bunch of Electric Light Orchestra. Jeff Lynne is such a great producer and songwriter. Also early ‘80s Phil Collins-era Genesis. I think he's become so underrated. He had one of the most definitive drum sounds. Also the way he combined programmed and live-drum sounds is inspiring to me. Check out "Mama" on Genesis’s self-titled album.

HS: What is something you have been practicing/focusing on lately?

DE: I try and practice consistently when I am not on the road. The opportunities seem rare, but I think it's important to keep inspired and constantly challenge myself. Recently I've been working out of Rod Morgenstein's book Drumset Warm-ups, which has a lot of great exercises for getting around the kit. I also pulled out Gary Chester's New Bralteed recently, something I spent a lot of time with as a kid. These days though I spend equal time in my studio composing and producing music, for both Nico Vega and myself. I'm also taking piano lessons. 

Check out Epand in the video for “I Believe (Get Over Yourself)” here. Nico Vega will release their new album, Lead To Light, on June 22 via Five Seven Music. More info on Nico Vega can be found here. Dan Epand can also be found on Andy Summers 2014 album Circa Hero.

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