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ProMark by D’Addario has changed the game with its revolutionary new manufacturing process.  Not only does D’Addario own its own sawmill, but they have adopted the quarter-sawn manufacturing method, improving quality and consistency in all ProMark drumsticks.

“We’ve taken the approach that we have to listen to the voice of the players, and this journey has lead us to completely re-do our manufacturing process from top to bottom,” says Mike Gault director of opps, “and it starts with the raw material supply.”
ProMark is the only drumstick company that owns its own sawmill and is purchasing its own logs.  The company is now also using a method to saw logs that is quite different than anyone else in the drumstick industry.  In the quarter-sawing method, the log is literally cut into four quarters.  The log is cut vertically, then turned and cut again, so that grain line is straight up and down.

“So, we have the most stable piece of wood going into our stick manufacturing facility here in Houston, TX,” continues Gault. “ProMark used to turn their drumstick on a lathe, and it wasn’t as accurate as it could be.  The centerless grinding is a method of high precision turning with a profile of what you want in the stick imprinted in the stone, and we have the highest precision centerless grinders in America.”

If the grain is perfectly parallel to the stick,” says Jim D’ADdario, CEO.  “It’s going to be stronger, it’s going to have less of a chance of warping, and it’s going to be a more reliable stick.”

\In addition, ProMark has invested in new weight-sorting and tone sorting equipment to create drumsticks that have the tightest specifications in the industry. Artists are already buzzing about the improved quality of ProMark since D’Addario’s 2011 acquisition.

Wilco’s Glen Kotche says, “Knowing that the entire process of manufacturing these sticks is completely new and retooled… every little detail is being considered, it’s just a game-changer.”

“My first experience using ProMark, I was able to be dynamic and move around and this is a step up,” says endorsee Daru Jones of The Ruff Pack.

D’Addario is dedicated to providing quality and consistency from the ground up. Watch the video here:  For more information, please visit
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