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 Griffin Goldsmith


By Heather Smith

On the road supporting their third release, Stories Don’t End, Los Angeles’s Dawes is headlining their largest venues to date. The band is also slated to play the Americanarama Festival in July with Bob Dylan, Wilco and many more, complete list of dates here. Click here to watch the video for "From a Window Seat" or here to watch them perform it on "Kimmel."

I asked him, what music he was currently listening to, and what made each track special. His choices illuminate his playing:

George Harrison - "Stuck Inside A Cloud"

For me, this is the best of George and Jim Keltner meets the best of Jeff Lynn. Such a great song and beautiful recording, Keltner's ability to play so subtly is admirable. The sounds he gets and the touch with the bundle sticks, or whatever it is he's using, allow the drums to fill the perfect space in the track.

Willie Hutch - "Out There"

The bass line on this track kills me. The sounds are great and the feel is spot-on.

Roberta Flack - "Do What You Gotta Do"

Though it is a classic, it took me some time to find this record. But once I got it, it didn't take much time to realize how incredible it is. This song is particularly heartbreaking.

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