Jazz Guitarist Jeff Richman Announces New Release: Big Wheel

Contemporary jazz guitarist Jeff Richman and Nefer Records announce the release of their latest CD, Big Wheel.  This release is Richman’s 17th solo project and features Jeff Lorber on keyboards, Steve Gadd on drums and Jimmy Haslip on bass guitar. The new CD is also produced by Jimmy Haslip and distributed by City Hall Records.  All songs are available online at iTunes, Amazon and other music websites.
Winner of Jazziz magazine’s Critic Choice in 2011, Big Wheel is Richman’s follow up consisting of 10 new tracks further expanding on what Richman has sought to achieve with every new effort.  Recognized as a guitarist and composer not afraid of exploring into the unknown, Richman’s latest release is an in-depth conversation of storytelling through song.  Each musician is given the opportunity to express their own account of the story and their unique voices ring through on all of the tracks.    
Big Wheel opens with the funky groove, “Hell If I Know” that sets the tone and pace for the remaining nine tracks.  “Happy Medium” has a great island vibe that seems to have always been hidden in Richman’s playing before but really stands out this time around.  Stevie Wonder’s “That Girl” is one of two covers that appear on the release. 
Alongside Richman, Lorber, Gadd, and Haslip; additional musicians appearing on the release include George Whitty, Alasn Pasqua and Dean Taba. Big Wheel is engineered by Lorber at JHL Sound, mixed by Paul Tavenner at Big City Records and mastered by Rich Breen at Dogmatic.
Jeff Richman’s Big Wheel track listing:
Hell If I Know (6:17)
Big Deal (4:29)
That Girl (4:55)
The Last Notch (6:35)
Happy Medium (4:49)
Keep It Light (5:07)
12 Steps to the Bar (4:52)
Long Distance Love (3:42)
The Inside Scoop (4:40)
One Stone (5:32)
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