Ilan Rubin, musical mastermind behind the one-man outfit, The New Regime, and drummer for Nine Inch Nails has premiered a new song, "Daydream," on Stream the song here: "Daydream" is the first track to be released off Exhibit A, The New Regime's third release, which will be available worldwide on May 7th, 2013. Exhibit A is the first installment of Rubin's Exhibits series, where he will be releasing new EP's as a series of "Exhibits" over time. Most recently in the news for rejoining Nine Inch Nails on drums for their upcoming world tour, and receiving rave reviews for drumming on Paramore's Self-Titled album, which was released on April 9th, Ilan is excited premiere the first song off the project he personally has been working on for quite some time. Preview the upcoming release here,
On the new song, Rubin says, "'Daydream' is a song that displays a lot of stylistic themes found on Exhibit A. It started in its most simplistic form on an acoustic guitar with a lead vocal, but I wanted to transform it into an organic sounding, electronic hybrid." He continues, "Lyrically a lot of the songs on 'Exhibit A are meant to paint a picture for the listener rather than tell a story and I think that comes across well in 'Daydream.'"  

The modern age of music is dictating a new approach to releasing material. Gone are the days of reliance on formal singles and/or albums, and in their place waits a space of creative freedom for artists. Ilan Rubin never fit traditional molds anyway. Despite the energy and enjoyment of playing with artists like Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves, and Paramore, Rubin felt the urge to do more and was always at work creating his own music, his own sound, his own vision - The New Regime.

Beginning in 2007, he spent every spare moment writing, arranging and performing his own songs. Every instrument, every note of The New Regime is played and/or sung by him. With two albums under his belt - Coup and Speak Through the White Noise - Rubin decided to take a different approach with his most recent crop of creative outpouring

The first in the series, Exhibit A, is an exploration of dynamics. Its eight songs are a mix of organic sounds and electronics. "With Exhibit A, I wanted to continue to push my songwriting in multiple directions, while keeping songs direct and concise," says Rubin, "I always like to keep music moving in various directions and have the listener guessing for what's next. Sonically, the material on 'Exhibit A' lent itself to both very organic sounds as well as quite a bit of electronics, which I'd say resulted in a pretty unique body of work."

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