DREAM cracks the 10,000 inch threshold!!

One of the best kept secrets in the drum business is no longer so secret.

DREAM is proud to announce we have collected more than 10,500 inches of broken cast cymbals as part of the DREAM Cymbals recycling project.

Under the project a customer can trade broken cymbals from any manufacturer, for an in-store credit towards a new DREAM Cymbal. This credit is one dollar per diameter inch. DREAM pays the dealer $1 per inch and takes care of the shipping costs to collect the cymbals.

As of August 1, 2012, in just a few short years and with barely a whisper of marketing we have processed over 10,500 inches. That is over 3 tonnes!!

We are extremely proud to help recycle otherwise unused products into new DREAM Cymbals and sounds. This is a win win/win for the customer, the dealer and the Earth. We have over 300 dealers in North America, about 32 of whom have contributed to the recycling project, of those, about six account for 80 percent of the contributions.

We have found the program to be so successful we are now launching a new awareness campaign across North America and even starting in Europe.

New “Made in North America” products will soon hit the shelves made from the recycled Bronze we have collected.

" The DREAM Recycling Program stands alone in the industry. It's not only a way to turn spent cymbals into new DREAM sounds, it's a way of serving our environment. "Cash" in for new sounds by making a positive impact on the Earth, your finances, and, on your new DREAM Cymbal, a very beautiful sounding impact indeed... "

         Andrew Barkau - The Trading Musician Drum Shop - Seattle, WA

" Here at Avenue, we are crazy about the DREAM Cymbals Recycling Program! Our customers love taking advantage of saving money on new cymbals by trading in their old, broken ones. It's really a win win situation! "

         Mike Strickler - Avenue Custom Drums - Charlotte, NC

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