Pat Mastelotto on the Three Of A Perfect Pair Camp:

3pp camp is not a hardcore drum camp, it's a musical exchange—with Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and myself. You can sit in as we prepare for our Thursday night show (you get in free) at the historic Bearsville Theater in nearby Woodstock, NY. Besides our rehearsal, we will give classes separately and talk about our rigs, our my case that’s taking the 21st century hybrid Edrumming from studio to stage, odd meters, etc. We talk and tell stories and do Q&A about any and everything we've ever done (and that’s a lot!). Wednesday night we have full camp jam conducted by Tony, recorded and given to you on USB stick (among the many perks). Each night the bar turns into an organized jam session (you’re welcome to bring your own gear but don't need to as we have multiple kits/amps etc).

Campers come from all over the world and play many different instruments (or none at all), and last year, lots of long-term friendships and musical partnerships developed. Meals are included and the camp chef is outstanding. Since we have all meals together, that’s another opportunity to ask your burning questions. Markus Reuter, Julie Slick and the unbelievably fast hands of super talent drummer Tobias Ralph will join us  - so, besides the Adrian/Tony/Pat trio, you get two more trios: Belew Power Trio and Stick Men. And that turns into a heck of a double trio show: so get ready to Thrak and Ba'booom.

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