World-largest Cymbal reappear in Liverpool in Giant’s Hands

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Eighteen years after the grand opening ceremony of the Channel Tunnel, a 50.5km long undersea rail tunnel linking France and the United Kingdom, Paiste’s Guiness-World-Record Cymbals reappear in the streets of Liverpool. The cymbals measuring 2.20m (86.6 inches) diameter with a weight of 115kg were made in more than 1’200 working-hours of the same alloy as Paiste Gongs (Nickel Sivler NS12) and were finally attached to telephone poles in around 6m height.

Here’s the story of their reappearance…

To celebrate Liverpool's historic connection with the Titanic, the streets were closed as the Giant Diver roamed the streets looking for his young niece.

The story was based on a giant who perished on the Titanic. He wrote a letter to his now orphaned little girl but the letter went down with the Titanic.

The Giant's brother spent 100 years looking for the Titanic and found not only the Titanic but also his brother's letter. He returned to Liverpool with the letter and searched for the little girl. He used the Paiste Cymbals to announce his arrival 100 years after the Titanic sunk.
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