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Tempo training
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TOPIC: Tempo training

Tempo training 3 years ago #75

I've been playing for 7 months, and it's not that I have unrealistic expectations of myself, but I was wondering if any of y'all have suggestions for tempo training.

I realize (now) that adrenaline can cause drummers to play faster than they should, and the 3-song set we played at the student gig last month was probably not long enough for me to settle down. Even before then, I know I had issues speeding up in at least one song during rehearsals.

I've been using the coaching mode and metronome on my drum kit, where the clicks get quieter the more on tempo my strikes are. When I stray, the clicks come back louder. I've been doing a drill that sets a regular beat, and every other measure then steps up around the snare and three toms, so the first even measure is eighth notes, the second even measure is eighth note triplets, the third even measure is sixteenth notes, and the last even measure is sixteenth note triplets. Rinse and repeat. I feel that if I use the regular metronome, I'm reliant on the clicks, but when I'm in the coach mode, it's one step forward, two steps back.

Do y'all have tried and true tempo drills that have helped you keep in time? Is this just me being neurotic and impatient and this is a phase that almost everybody goes through?

Re: Tempo training 2 years, 7 months ago #80

Hello My advice is Slower Practicing Rudiments at first slow Tempo If volume increases Dynamics Articulation go hand in hand I wouldn't worry about a Click Though a Metronome is very important . Your Ride Hand On your Ride Cymbal Playing a Jazz rhythm triplet is a good start keeping a consistent even ride pattern without over emphasizing the let on 2 and 4 and your snare on 2 and 4 work that then add your Bass Drum when you can repeat that pattern without Climbing on Ride Hand 4 times
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