Here you can submit a question to ANY professional drummer you wish. Most of world's drummers are within our reach, but if in case the drummer who's answer you seek is not known to us - we will do best to locate this drummer and get an answer to your question.

Only the constructive questions (which would be educationally beneficial to rest of the Drumhead online community) will be processed. You CAN ask non-music/non-career personal questions as long as they are not in the area of these types: "What is your favorite band?", "What drums sticks are best?", "Do you dig Lady Gaga?", "What was your funniest screw up during a live gig?" (Don't bother sending one-liners)

Formulate your question properly and make it interesting for everybody to hear the answer to that question. And if you follow these guidelines your submitted question along with the answer will most likely be published on Drumhead website in near future.

We wish you good luck on thinking up interesting topics!


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