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Drum Workshop, Inc. and Fender Musical Instruments have finalized an asset sale agreement to purchase owned and licensed percussion brands including Latin Percussion®, Toca® Percussion, Gretsch® Drums, Gibraltar Hardware and KAT® Percussion from Fender’s KMC subsidiary. Ovation® Guitars, and exclusive U.S. distribution rights for Sabian® Cymbals are also included in the transaction.

“This is an amazing opportunity to extend our passion and commitment for the art of drumming,” said Chris Lombardi, President and CEO of Drum Workshop, Inc. We’re excited to welcome these legendary American brands to the DW family.”

Founded in 1972, the family owned and operated manufacturing company also boasts the award-winning DW Drums brand, as well as Pacific Drums and Percussion® (PDP). Details of the purchase are forthcoming, however it has been announced that DW Drums manufacturing operations will remain in California, Gretsch drum production will continue in South Carolina and LP’s offices will stay in New Jersey.

"We are extremely proud of our team's effort to nurture and grow each of the individual brands and are enthusiastic for their future,” said FMIC’s interim CEO and board member Scott Gilbertson. “We recognize the strategic opportunity for DW and are confident that they will be champions of the brands moving forward."

“It promises to be a very exciting year”, continued Lombardi. My father (DW Founder, Don Lombardi) and I are whole-heartedly dedicated to these already well-established brands and see a bright future ahead for the entire drum industry.”


About Drum Workshop, Inc.: Drum Workshop, Inc. is a family-owned American manufacturer of professional drums, pedals and hardware. Many of the world's top professionals, such as Sheila E., Mick Fleetwood, Neil Peart, Max Weinberg and Dave Grohl have made the DW brand "The Drummer's Choice." Drum Workshop is also home to Pacific Drums and Percussion, a full line of production drum and hardware products. For more information, visit

About Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors, whose portfolio of brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch®, Jackson®, EVH® and Charvel® among others. For more information, visit

About KMC Music, Inc.: KMC Music is a subsidiary of FMIC and one of the largest independent U.S. distributors of musical instruments and accessories, and is a leading wholesaler of musical instruments, accessories and lighting equipment. For more information, visit

Other brands named in the acquisition are Percussion Plus®, CB® Drums and CB® Educational and Adamas® Strings. Financial and other terms of the deal are undisclosed. For further information contact: 3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard, CA 93030, tel: 805- 485-6999, fax: 805-485-1334. email:


Multi-platinum blues-rock band opens up about moving on without Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd

By  | November 14, 2014

The first bad sign came even before AC/DC started recording their new album, Rock or Bust, in Vancouver last May: The group's longtime drummer, Phil Rudd, was 10 days late for the sessions. "One minute he was coming, then he wasn't, then he was," lead guitarist Angus Young recalls. "We're not a band that likes to wait around." At one point, Young says, producer Brendan O'Brien decided Rudd had one last chance to show up." Brendan said, 'If he's not here by Friday, there will be another drummer there.'"

Rudd arrived and, Young says, "did his job." But, the guitarist notes, "I've seen him in better shape. It was not the Phil we had known, after we had finished the last tour. He'd let himself go." In October, Rudd missed an AC/DC photo and video shoot in London. Then, on November 6th, he was arrested at his home in New Zealand, accused of murder-for-hire. The charge was dropped for lack of evidence. But Rudd is still accused of threatening to kill, and of possession of methamphetamine and cannabis.

In a press statement, AC/DC strongly implied they were ready to go on the road without him: "Phil's absence will not affect the release of our new album, Rock or Bust, and upcoming tour next year." Young confirms this in an interview a week after Rudd's arrest: "The drum situation is a question mark. But we will definitely be out there." The guitarist confesses he was caught off-guard by the extent of Rudd's troubles. "But our problems had begun even before the situation he's in now. And our thing was we were going forward." 

Cliff Williams, Brian Johnson, Stevie Young and Angus Young (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Young is referring to a bigger critical hole in AC/DC's boogie power: the loss of Malcolm Young, Angus' older brother and the group's iron-willed rhythm guitarist, who is suffering from dementia and is in full-time care at an undisclosed facility in Australia. Malcolm, 61, does not play on Rock or Bust and is permanently retired from the multi-platinum blues-rock band he founded, with Angus, in Sydney in 1973. That leaves Angus – 59 and still tearing across stages in his trademark schoolboy shorts – to guide singer Brian Johnson, bassist Cliff Williams and new guitarist Stevie Young, Malcolm and Angus' 58-year-old nephew, into an uncertain future. But "Mal always wanted the music to go on," Johnson says. "And I'm not going to say no."

"It's something that had actually been happening for a long time," Angus says, speaking publicly for the first time about Malcolm's condition during an earlier conversation in October. The symptoms – lapses in memory and concentration – "had surfaced even before the last project," AC/DC's 2008 album, Black Ice. But Angus says Malcolm was "still capable of knowing what he wanted to do. I had said to him, 'Do you want to go through with what we're doing?' And he said, 'Shit, yeah.' " Malcolm, Angus points out, "liked to finish what he started."

Hunched over a cup of tea in a London hotel, speaking in a soft, resigned growl, Angus reveals that Malcolm was already in treatment during his last tour with AC/ DC, from 2008 to 2010. "He got good help, good medical care," Angus says. Malcolm had to "relearn a lot of things," including riffs he had created for AC/DC's biggest songs, "which was very strange for him. But he was always a confident guy, and we made it work."

Malcolm is eerily present on Rock or Bust. The 11 songs are credited to Young-Young, largely built by Angus from guitar hooks he and Malcolm accumulated while writing previous AC/DC records. Angus did not play any of the new material, as he worked on it, for Malcolm. "With the condition he got in, that kind of faded," Angus concedes. He sought guidance from another older brother, George, a member of Sixties Australian rockers the Easybeats who co-produced AC/DC's early albums. But ultimately, Angus says, "You've got to make the decision yourself: 'What am I doing?' " He and Malcolm, both born in Glasgow and raised in Sydney, answered that question together in 1980 after the death of then-AC/DC singer Bon Scott; they hired Johnson, an ebullient Englishman with a sandpaper howl, and made their biggest-selling album, Back in Black. This time, in late 2013, Angus turned to Stevie, the son of his and Malcolm's oldest brother (also called Stevie). Stevie had filled in for Malcolm on a 1988 tour, when the latter took a sabbatical to beat his alcoholism. 

Angus, Malcolm and Stevie were close as boys, attending school together in Australia; later, Malcolm produced demos for some of Stevie's bands. "Angus filled me in on what was going on with Mal," Stevie says. "It wasn't going to be the band the way it was – that was impossible." Stevie, who lives in Birmingham, England, flew to Australia to visit Malcolm, "to see the situation for myself. Mal was physically fine," he contends. "But I don't think he could have done the tour." 

Phil Rudd, Bon Scott, Angus Young, Mark Evans, Malcolm Young in 1976. (Photo: Michael Putland/Getty)

"It was awful and great at the same time," Johnson, 67, says of making Rock or Bust. "Angus must have felt strange playing these tunes without Malcolm." But Johnson recalls passing Stevie's hotel room at night "to see how he was doing, and he'd have his things out, doing the songs, learning his riffs. He worked his socks off to make sure he was on the money."

"The super-important thing about AC/DC is the left-right thing in the guitars," O'Brien says. "Stevie understood that. He put on the same guitars, through the same rig, and got the same sound." Williams believes that was inevitable. Stevie is, after all, a Young. "It's in his blood," the bassist, 64, says. "And it shows."

Everything else about AC/DC, including any life they may have after Rock or Bust and the 2015 tour, is up to Angus – alone. "This is Angus' passion, but he doesn't have Malcolm to lean on," O'Brien observes. "At some point, he has to decide, 'Is this something I want to keep doing, or have I said my piece?' "

Malcolm has not heard Rock or Bust. "He still likes his music," Angus says. "We make sure he has his Chuck Berry, a little Buddy Holly." But Angus believes he is pressing ahead on the record and the road – without Rudd if necessary – according to his brother's wishes and standards. "Look, even with his health, Malcolm was touring until he couldn't do it anymore."

Rudd's arrest "is a big blow to us," Angus admits. But, he repeats, "we will definitely be out there. We are committed to this."

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College of Contemporary Music Is Delivering Innovative Digital Curriculum to Students on Mobile Devices

Musicians Institute, the College of Contemporary Music, has partnered with app publisher WBH MusicWorks to create the new online MI Bookstore at As part of the school’s paperless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, students in MI’s Performance programs for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard Technology and Vocals can purchase and download interactive textbooks in digital form via WBH’s mobile and desktop Apps. Beginning with the current Fall 2014 academic quarter, materials can be purchased individually or in groups organized by programmatic quarters.
“Musicians Institute is dedicated to continually expanding our state-of-the art educational offerings with the latest technology to foster an efficient, 24/7 media-rich learning environment,” said Donny Gruendler, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Musicians Institute. “Our e-book initiative marks the first fully fledged curricular redesign in the College’s history and—most importantly—the new MI Bookstore provides a great resource to help students learn through the multiple mobile and desktop devices they utilize every day.”

MI Bookstore materials can be downloaded on each student’s chosen device—including mobile phones, tablets and laptops—and are compatible with iOS, Android & Desktop Reader platforms. As part of Musicians Institute’s revised Performance programs, e-books are integrated with Music Prodigy software to help students improve their skills and accelerate their development. Select lectures can be viewed through online videos, while class time can be focused on hands-on learning and Q&A sessions. The BYOD policy will also integrate video lectures with MI’s existing courses for industry standard software such as P
"}}opellerhead Reason, Avid Pro Tools and Sibelius, Apple Logic, Ableton Live and more.
“The online MI Bookstore is such a wonderful opportunity for music students to benefit from a 21st Century education,” said Rob Wallis, President of WBH MusicWorks. “We’re thrilled to make MI’s digital core curricular content available and easily accessible, in order to make the learning process faster and more interactive.”


Orange County Drums and Percussion, a world renowned manufacturer of boutique drums and drum kits, has announced the introduction of their new ultra-heavyweight 25-ply Maple Snare drum.

The OCDP 25-ply Maple Snare has been custom engineered 

for the hard-hitting drummer 

with an independent, no-compromise style. OCDP has built a long respected reputation for high quality drums that stand out from the pack, and the new 25-ply Maple Snare extends that legacy well into the future.

This is not your grandfather's snare drum. With 25 plies of solid maple, the ultra heavy OCDP 25-ply Maple Snare is a serious drum, built for maximum tone and ultimate control. From subtle dynamics to a powerful crack, the new OCDP 25-plly Maple Snare is all about attitude - massive, fat tone, with a deep, powerful attack and a crisp, biting decay. This is the snare you reach for when it's time to break out the big back beat.

The new OCDP 25-ply Maple Snare fuses 25 maple plies into a 14-inch by 7-inch dual port package that looks as slamming as it sounds, with a cool silver sparkle fade finish and OCDP's signature offset lugs. It also features die-cast hoops and sleek black nickel plated hardware. It comes fitted with a premium Remo UT coated batter side head, and 20 steel strand snappy snares, adjustable via a standard OCDP forward throw-off.

"The snare is the centerpiece of a drummer's kit, and an expression of their personality," remarked OCDP Product Manager Gerry Helfrich "The new OCDP 25-plly Maple Snare drum delivers a big, bold, edgy sound that stands up and gets noticed. It's as individual as you and your music."

The OCDP 25-ply snare drum is available exclusively at Guitar Center and Musician's Friend.



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